Moventis launches intercity transport service connecting 60 major cities in Saudi Arabia

Posted: 30 November 2023 | | No comments yet

Moventis launches a revolutionary intercity transport service connecting 60 major cities in Saudi Arabia, with a projected annual capacity of 1.5 million passengers.

Moventis' strategic triumphs in expanding intercity transport across Saudi Arabia

Credit: Moventis

Moventis, a provider of public transport services and the urban mobility division of Moventia, has announced the initiation of a state-of-the-art intercity transport service in Saudi Arabia. This strategic initiative aims to enhance mobility along the Red Sea corridor, establishing crucial connections between 60 major cities, including Makkah, Jeddah, Madinah and Riyadh, with a capacity to transport up to 1.5 million passengers annually.

The unveiling has taken place as Moventis continues to make significant strides in the urban mobility sector, attending events that showcase its commitment to innovation and excellence. The intercity transport network, operated by Moventis as part of the ‘Northwest Bus’ consortium, encompasses 23 lines and facilitates 200 daily expeditions. The consortium has invested in a fleet of 150 12m buses, including 10% designated as VIP, along with two cranes, five workshop vehicles and cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient operation and sales.

“Moventis is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the urban mobility sector,” said Josep Maria Marti, CEO of Moventis. “We are excited about the future of urban mobility and the role Moventis plays in shaping it, making cities more accessible and interconnected for everyone.” 

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Record-breaking success in Makkah

Simultaneously, Moventis has also celebrated a significant milestone, surpassing 100 million passengers since the launch of its city bus service in Makkah in 2022. This achievement, realised as part of the ‘Modern Bus Company’ consortium, reflects the company’s commitment to providing seamless urban mobility solutions in Saudi Arabia. The city bus service not only caters to Makkah’s residents but also serves the millions of pilgrims visiting the city annually.

A notable highlight is the record-breaking month in which Moventis transported 9.5 million passengers, setting a daily record of 359,500 people. In total, the consortium has successfully completed 1.7 million shipments. The transport network in Makkah, known as Makkah Buses, comprises 12 lines, over 400 vehicles and employs more than 1,200 individuals of diverse nationalities, contributing to the efficiency and vibrancy of the city’s transportation ecosystem.