TransLink to advance Metro Vancouver’s first new BRT routes

Posted: 17 November 2023 | | No comments yet

Bus rapid transit routes in Metro Vancouver promise swift commuting through dedicated lanes, signal priority, high-capacity buses and rail-like stations equipped with real-time information and convenient amenities.

TransLink to advance Metro Vancouver’s first new BRT routes

Credit: TransLink

In a move toward boosting Metro Vancouver’s public transportation infrastructure, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation has identified three priority corridors for the development of TransLink‘s first bus rapid transit (BRT) routes. BRT is set to enhance commuting efficiency across the region.

The selected corridors are:

  • King George Boulevard: Connecting Surrey Centre to White Rock
  • Langley Centre to Haney Place: Addressing crucial connectivity in the Langley area
  • Metrotown to North Shore: Focusing on bridging transportation gaps from Metrotown to the North Shore.

The decision to prioritise these corridors has been based on several key factors, including projected ridership potential, increased accessibility to jobs, future housing and development growth estimates, feasibility of implementing transit priority infrastructure and early support from local governments to facilitate the necessary changes for these projects.

The BRT routes aim to keep commuters moving swiftly through high-frequency services in dedicated lanes with signal priority at intersections. The use of high-capacity buses and rail-like stations will offer real-time information, shelter and convenient boarding for passengers.

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While the specific alignment, designs, associated costs and timelines are yet to be determined for each corridor, TransLink, in collaboration with local government partners, will commence work on developing concept designs. Public engagement initiatives will also be launched to gather input from the community.

Under the Access for Everyone plan, TransLink is collaborating with regional mayors to implement up to nine regional BRT corridors. The three corridors identified in this initial phase are set to proceed, with plans for additional corridors to follow suit in subsequent phases. 

Brad West, Chair of the Mayors’ Council, said: “Bus rapid transit is going to be a game-changer for the transit system in Metro Vancouver. We’ve heard from communities across the region that they need better transit now. BRT will allow us to bring rapid transit to more communities faster, enabling sustainable transportation as our region continues to grow.”

Kevin Quinn, CEO of TransLink, said: “Bus rapid transit is the future of transit in Metro Vancouver. With dedicated lanes, high frequencies and premium stations – bus rapid transit is the best possible bus service that can be deployed quickly for our rapidly growing region. We look forward to working with our government partners to advance these important projects.”

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