New MaaS app, Floya, launches in Brussels

Posted: 7 September 2023 | | No comments yet

With the launch of Floya, STIB-MIVB has enabled users to plan, book and pay for multiple different modes of transport across Brussels, Belgium, within one app.

STIB-MIVB – the local public transport operator in Brussels, Belgium – has announced the launch of its brand new Floya app, which allows users to plan, book and pay for different modes of transport within the city. It currently includes four public transport operators and several shared scooter, bike and car services.

The Floya app cleverly complements the STIB-MIVB app by giving users the flexibility to combine, or not, different mobility options depending on their mood or plans. There is no longer any need to download 10 apps to access a whole range of options: users can unlock them all with a single account, meaning that moving around has never been easier.

And, because mobility is constantly evolving in Brussels, STIB-MIVB has made it clear that Floya will also constantly be improving, with a whole host of new features scheduled for the future, to offer users even more options.

How does it work?

Floya MaaS app



With Floya, users can plan their trips for later, or launch a route search on the spot.

The app offers various options, with their prices, according to the user’s preferences:

  • Like to switch from one mode to another? There’s a world of possibilities
  • Prefer to use a particular means of transport? Floya finds the options nearby
  • Users have their own bike or scooter, or a public transport pass? That works, too. 


The user now has a variety of booking options in one place:

  • Chose a shared vehicle? Users can book their trip directly in the app
  • Want to use public transport? Tickets can be purchased in the app, or users can choose to pay via contactless
  • Already have a ticket, subscription or pass? Users can skip this step and start their trip right away.


When undertaking their journey, users can:

  • Unlock their shared vehicle, validate their ticket or take their own means of transport to simply enjoy the trip
  • Depending on the chosen option, Floya gives users directions in real-time and details on the whole journey
  • A unexpected or sudden diversion or disruption? The app notifies users before leaving so that they don’t get any surprises on their way.


Users will receive payment information for each and every mobility provider:

  • The transport option is fully integrated? Users pay directly in Floya at the end of their trip
  • Integration is still only partial? Not only is Floya continuously improving, but the app also offers guidance for options that are not yet fully supported.

This way, users can enjoy the smoothest possible experience.

Developing the app’s personality

When looking for the name, STIB-MIVB was mindful to not have a name with a French, Dutch, German or English connotation. The operator wanted to have a ‘neutral’ name that was understandable for all nationalities that are present in Brussels. Floya is inspired by the Norwegian word, ‘fløy’, which means ‘wing’ and evokes the freedom to move, independently and effortlessly.

The wing represents a beautiful metaphor for freedom and independence, as well as lightness and movement. The harmonious sound when pronouncing it evokes its efficiency and ease of use, so that the user ‘follows his flow’.

New MaaS app, Floya, launches in Brussels

Credit: Floya

The logo and colours chosen to represent Floya refer to STIB, the backbone of mobility in Brussels, and to the Brussels Region, the sponsor of this new mobility application. The Floya logo represents, in a stylised way, the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. The patchwork of colours takes up those of the STIB (blue and red) and the Region (blue, yellow and grey). The forms move and change, just like the city of Brussels, which is constantly evolving thanks to its diversity and its more than 150 nationalities.