South Australia advances towards zero-emission public transportation

Posted: 17 August 2023 | | No comments yet

As part of its efforts towards a more sustainable future, South Australia is accelerating the transition to eco-friendly transportation, with innovative hybrid trains, hydrogen-powered buses and electric vehicles.

South Australia advances towards zero-emission public transportation

Credit: Adelaide Metro

The Government of South Australia has announced that it is making progress in its commitment to sustainable transportation by initiating trials of hybrid trains, hydrogen-powered buses and full-battery electric buses. 

The government’s prototype hybrid-diesel railcar testing is yielding promising results. The innovative two-car train, which is the first among a fleet of 44 diesel railcars earmarked for the hybrid system, is set to serve the Outer Harbor, Grange and Belair lines. The hybrid system harnesses energy generated during braking, storing it in an on-board battery and subsequently converting it into electrical energy to power regular train operations.

As the first hybrid-diesel train gears up for its imminent debut, anticipation is building for the deployment of the remaining 44 upgraded trains by mid-2024. This ambitious project is poised to significantly reduce Adelaide Metro‘s CO2 emissions by 2,400 tonnes annually, contributing significantly to the region’s efforts in combatting climate change.

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South Australia’s commitment to green transportation is further exemplified by the introduction of two hydrogen fuel cell buses into testing. Collaboratively undertaken by Torrens Transit, Foton Mobility, BOC and H2H Energy, the trial is expected to lead to the deployment of these advanced buses across various routes in Adelaide, as part of a two-year experiment.

Hydrogen fuel is also being considered as a potential power source for trains on the Belair, Outer Harbor, Grange and Port Dock connections, in line with the government’s commitment to adopting innovative, eco-friendly technologies across public transportation.

Furthermore, South Australia’s drive toward cleaner transit options is also evident in the ongoing testing of the state’s first full battery electric bus. With five more of these buses on order, contingent upon successful trial outcomes, passengers can look forward to an enhanced travel experience characterised by ample space, comfort and a quieter ride.