Southern Nevada receives $630,000 grant for equitable mobility infrastructure

Posted: 24 July 2023 | | No comments yet

The grant will allow RTC SNV to implement crucial infrastructure improvements and innovative programmes that address the unique needs of historically underserved communities across Southern Nevada.

Southern Nevada receives $630,000 grant for equitable mobility infrastructure

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC SNV) has announced that it has been granted $630,000 by the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Areas of Persistent Poverty programme. This funding will be utilised to conduct a comprehensive study called the Equitable Access to Mobility Action Plan, which will focus on developing sustainable and equitable transit and mobility infrastructure within a 31-square-mile area encompassing downtown Las Vegas, the Historic Westside, East Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.

The Equitable Access to Mobility Action Plan will identify key locations for neighbourhood mobility hubs that bring together various transportation and mobility options, including RTC transit, on-demand services, bike-share and car-share. These hubs will also promote community and economic development opportunities.

In addition, the plan will address improvements to transit amenities such as transit stops and shelters with enhanced seating, safety features and shade. Complete street improvements, including wider pavements, dedicated bus and bike lanes, safer crosswalks and native landscaping, are also part of the plan.

A significant focus of the plan is to ensure equity and social justice in all conceptual design options and implementation strategies. With an estimated population of over 220,000 residents, the study area includes historically disadvantaged communities that have been underserved for years.

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“This funding will help the RTC identify and prioritise mobility infrastructure improvements in a part of the valley that is traditionally underserved,” said RTC SNV CEO M.J. Maynard. “We appreciate our federal delegation’s support in securing this funding that will lay the foundation for a safer and more equitable transportation experience in Southern Nevada.”

Prior studies, such as the Southern Nevada HOPE Grant Study and the 2021 Extreme Heat Vulnerability Analysis, have already identified potential solutions to address challenges and enhance transportation services for vulnerable populations. These studies have analysed the possibility of adding flexible, on-demand transit services for low-income communities and identified areas in the region most vulnerable to extreme heat.

The funding for the Equitable Access to Mobility Action Plan will allow the RTC to implement the strategies outlined in these previous studies, making a positive impact on the region’s most vulnerable populations and improving the overall transportation experience in Southern Nevada.