Scottish Government publishes plan to boost cycling

Posted: 27 April 2023 | | No comments yet

The new Cycling Framework for Active Travel aims to remove barriers to cycling across Scotland.

The Scottish Government has published a new Cycling Framework for Active Travel to increase everyday cycling across the country.

The Scottish Government has published a new plan to increase everyday cycling across the country.

The new Cycling Framework for Active Travel supports the 2030 Active Travel Vision – where walking, wheeling and cycling is the most popular mode of transport for shorter everyday journeys. It will shape how government, councils and active travel organisations deliver improvements.

Developed in partnership with Cycling Scotland, Sustrans, local authorities and following extensive public consultation, the shared actions will remove barriers to cycling across the country and transform our communities into healthier and happier places to live, work in and visit.

The Cycling Framework is structured around six themes:

  • Safe cycling infrastructure – high quality, suitable and accessible for all
  • Effective resourcing – long-term funding for the delivery of infrastructure and supporting access, training and facilities programmes
  • Fair access – increased equity of access to cycling, ensuring that adapted and non-standard cycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes are supported
  • Training and education – ensuring infrastructure is supported by wrap around promotional programmes, training and complementary initiatives. Providing opportunities for all to learn how to cycle from an early age into adulthood
  • Network planning – prioritise investment based on local active travel strategies, mapping existing and planned networks to improve consistency
  • Monitoring – ensuring robust process are in place to capture insight which will help to inform future network planning, including local and national alignment of routes and facilities.

The Scottish Government has published a new Cycling Framework for Active Travel to increase everyday cycling across the country.“Developed with significant public and stakeholder consultation, this publication is our new guiding star for how we can best bring about a revolution in everyday cycling across Scotland,” commented Minister for Active Travel, Patrick Harvie.

“Infrastructure is the biggest priority – that means spaces where people can confidently and safely cycle, whether as part of the road network or in separated cycle lane. I recognise that will only happen, however, if government investment is aligned with the ambitious programmes that local authorities are developing through their own local active travel strategies. In doing so, we can advance transformation both at pace and scale – and in a way which works locally, regionally and nationally.

“I know how important effective resourcing is for our local authorities and our delivery partners. We will deliver long-term funding solutions which work to support them – and our wider transformation programme is looking at how best we can deliver this.

“We are already investing record amounts in active travel and will continue to do so, with the active travel budget almost £200m this year and rising to £320 million or 10% of the overall transport budget by 2024-25. That investment will help us build an active nation – delivering on our vision of helping more people choose walking, wheeling and cycling for journeys than ever before.”

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