BC Transit launches Blink RapidBus line between Westshore and downtown Victoria, Canada

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BC Transit’s new RapidBus service on Highway 1 promises improved public transportation for the Victoria region, with more frequent and efficient travel between the growing Westshore communities and downtown Victoria.

BC Transit launches Blink RapidBus line between West Shore and downtown Victoria, Canada

Credit: BC Transit

BC Transit has announced that it has launched its flagship Blink RapidBus line between the West Shore and downtown Victoria. While the new Route 95 West Shore-Downtown line has been added, the Route 50 Langford/Downtown has now been discontinued.

The new 95 West Shore-Downtown line travels along the same route as the 50, but with more frequency and with fewer stops. A route 95 bus now arrives every seven to eight minutes during peak travel times and a minimum of every 15 minutes between 07:00 and 22:00, Monday – Saturday and 08:00 – 22:00 on Sundays for BC Transit customers. The route 95 will still run earlier than 07:00 and later than 22:00, but some of the bus arrival times are longer than every 15 minutes during off-peak hours.

Furthermore, the new bus route stops at fewer bus stops than the Route 50, which means that more time can be spent travelling and less time at bus stops, thus, customers need to check if their closest stop is a Blink RapidBus stop.

The implementation of Blink RapidBus builds on recent bus priority lane investments along Douglas Street and the Trans-Canada Highway, which saves 20 minutes for customers in peak morning and afternoon commute periods.

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According to BC Transit, customers can tell if they are at a Blink RapidBus stop if they see the newly branded orange signage. Signage has been placed at bus stops outlining the changes, and customers are encouraged to find more information on the BC Transit website.

The goal of the RapidBus service is to connect areas with the highest travel demands in the region using a combination of corridor treatments, branded services and improved station amenities.

Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, said: “BC Transit’s new RapidBus service on Highway 1 means people travelling between the growing Westshore communities and downtown Victoria will have better, more frequent bus service. At a time when other cities across the country are having to cut service levels in their public transit systems, our government is investing in the public transit that people need – and new routes like this one are the result of our positive decision to invest in a better transit future.”

Maja Tait, Chair of Victoria Regional Transit Commission, said: “Launching the Blink RapidBus service, that will move people around our region quickly and reliably, is great news for the Victoria region. I’m hopeful that the excitement and momentum around the new Blink West Shore-Downtown line will help us work towards more rapid transit service to connect people to places they want to go in and around the South Island.”

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