IndyGo enhances website accessibility with customisable profiles

Posted: 12 April 2023 | | No comments yet

Featuring customisable profiles that cater to diverse accessibility needs, from visual impairments to ADHD and cognitive disabilities, IndyGo’s new website enhancements aim to improve the browsing experience of all its users.

IndyGo enhances website accessibility with customisable profiles

Credit: IndyGo

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo) has announced that it has introduced new accessibility settings on its website, which will enable website visitors to select their preferred accessibility profiles and content settings when browsing online content.

The website’s accessibility settings will feature a range of profiles in order to cater to different accessibility needs. These profiles include the Vision Impaired Profile, which will enhance the website’s visuals to make the content accessible to individuals with visual impairments, such as tunnel vision, cataracts, glaucoma and other vision-related conditions.

In addition, the Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Friendly Profile has been designed to reduce distractions, helping those with ADHD and neurodevelopmental disorders to navigate the essential elements on the website with ease.

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Furthermore, the Blind Users (Screen Reader) profile has been designed to enable motor-impaired persons to operate the website using designated keyboard shortcuts and screen readers. Finally, the website’s Content, Color and Orientation Adjustments profile will allow users to customise the website’s content according to their preferences, including font size, font colour, including other parameters.

Moreover, the website now also offers other adjustable accessibility modes, such as Seizure Safe, Cognitive Disability and Keyboard Navigation (Motor) profiles. With these accessibility settings, website visitors can select their preferred modifications that will be automatically saved for when they re-visit the site later.

IndyGo’s commitment to expanding accessibility to its online services is a significant step towards ensuring that its customers can benefit from its public transportation services.  

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