Kapsch CarrierCom acquires Prodata Mobility Systems NV

Posted: 17 July 2014 | Kapsch CarrierCom | No comments yet

The acquisition will further strengthen Kapsch CarrierCom’s proposition for public transport operators…


Kapsch CarrierCom today announces the acquisition of Prodata Mobility Systems NV, a division of Prodata Technology Group headquartered in Zaventem near Brussels, Belgium. By integrating the company into its organisation, Kapsch CarrierCom will make a big leap towards its goal of providing end-to-end technology solutions for public transport operators.

KCC & Prodata

With this acquisition, Kapsch CarrierCom extends its portfolio towards ITS in public transport

Kapsch CarrierCom founded its Public Transport division in 2012 with a focus on delivering mission-critical, TETRA-based radio communication networks for public transport operators. Based on this strategic acquisition, the company is now extending its proposition to include Automated Fare Collection and Intelligent Transport Systems, giving customers a single point of contact for the infrastructure, applications and services they need.

End-to-end portfolio for public transport operators

The increase of urbanisation around the world heavily drives the use of information and communication technologies to optimize traffic and transport flows. The Kapsch Group is a major global player in “Intelligent Transportation Systems” (ITS), with Kapsch TrafficCom being a leading provider in Electronic Toll Collection and intelligent solutions to manage individual traffic.

With this acquisition, Kapsch CarrierCom extends its portfolio towards ITS in public transport. The Automated Fare Collection solutions (AFC) will enable public transport customers to choose the perfect mix of sales channels – from integrated and stand-alone POS solutions and ticket machines to online and mobile portals. At the same time, new Intelligent Transport System capabilities will help Kapsch CarrierCom customers improve operational efficiency and performance based on real-time vehicle tracking and tracing, itinerary information and dispatching alerts – offering a wide range of ITCS (intermodal transport control systems) functionalities.

Kari Kapsch, CEO of Kapsch CarrierCom, says: “Public transport operators need support from world-class technology providers with end-to-end solutions and delivery capabilities. Our acquisition of Prodata Mobility Systems NV means we’re able to provide that support, giving us all the technology and expertise required to help our customers succeed.”

Franky Carbonez, Chairman of Prodata Mobility Systems NV, says: “By integrating industry-leading public transport solutions into its portfolio, Kapsch CarrierCom will help its customers improve efficiency and increase their competitive advantage. We are excited to join forces with such an innovative company and look forward to achieving even greater success together.”

The acquisition of Prodata Mobility Systems NV follows recent successes of Kapsch CarrierCom in the public transport sector, including a ground-breaking €7.7m contract to deploy a new TETRA-based digital radio network for NEXUS based in Newcastle, a leading UK transport operator.

“Executing on our strategy we will continue to grow in the public transport market,” says Wolfgang Leindecker, Vice President Public Transport. “Our acquisition of Prodata Mobility Systems NV will help our customers maximise their success, giving them access to all the infrastructure software and services they need from a single, trusted supplier.”