Alto announces Silicon Valley launch and fleet electrification plans

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As part of its sustainability objectives, Alto aims to launch over 3,000 electric vehicles by 2023, as well as invest in fully-owned fleet charging infrastructure across the country.

Alto announces its launch in Silicon Valley and fleet electrification plans

Credit: Alto

Ride-sharing company Alto has announced its official launch in Silicon Valley – following its $45 million Series B fundraise in Summer 2021. Also operating in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Dallas and Washington, D.C., the company has grown 700 per cent over the course of 2021.

Furthermore, as part of its sustainability objectives, Alto has announced its plan to become the nation’s first vertically integrated, 100 per cent electric ride-hail fleet, with more than 3,000 electric vehicles (EVs) by the end of 2023. The company will also invest in fully-owned fleet charging infrastructure across the country to support its transition to EVs, as well as the needs of other fleets and individuals.

“Alto is growing faster than ever before, and it’s an exciting time to bring a safe, elevated ride-share experience to Silicon Valley. The future of ride-sharing is electric fleets with employee drivers, and our expansion and continued growth into new markets are important steps in helping us to bring this vision to life,” said Alto’s CEO, Will Coleman.

Shaping the future of the mobility industry, Alto’s technology stack and fleet optimisation model are built with safety, fleet efficiency and passenger experience at its core. As an example, the company’s drivers do not ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ trips, but rather are assigned the most efficient trip that will provide customers and drivers holistically with the best and safest experiences.

“We’re excited to finally offer our service in Silicon Valley and, in time, continue to expand service in the Peninsula. Alto is shaping the mobility and tech industries with its innovative approach, and we’re thrilled to be the newest start-up that will impact customers’ everyday lives,” said Coleman.

Founded in 2018, Alto is the first employee-based ride-share company, which hires vetted, professional drivers and manages a dedicated fleet of five-star crash rated luxury vehicles. It offers a safe, consistent and personalised passenger experience.

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