UITP announces new security in public transport research project

Posted: 2 November 2021 | | No comments yet

UITP’s new research project, PREVENT PCP, will aim to improve security in public transport with the use of technical solutions.

UITP announces new security in public transport research project

Credit: UITP

The topic of security is critical for public transport operations as operators and authorities work to win back the trust of passengers. The threat of terrorist attacks is an important discussion point globally, and much has changed and developed within the public transport sector, with solutions created and implemented to predict and prevent terrorist attacks from taking place.

The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) has been involved in such research and development; firstly, with the successful project, PREVENT, and now with its newly announced successor, PREVENT PCP (PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport – Pre-Commercial Procurement).

PREVENT PCP is a research project, funded by the European Commission’s (EC) H2020 programme, that is aiming to improve security in public transport with the use of technical solutions.

During the first PREVENT project, UITP worked with a range of public transport security stakeholders who identified the common goals for preventing attacks and avoiding disruptions for passengers:

  • Automatic and timely detection of potentially dangerous unattended items in or around public transport and its infrastructure
  • Identify and track the perpetrators
  • Advanced crisis management system.

For these technological solutions to be sustainable, they should be developed in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that they meet public needs.

“One of the strengths of this project is the range of actors involved. Most importantly, we have the public buyers’ group, which is made up of operators and authorities, who are providing the financial commitments so that we can develop the innovations. We also have law and enforcement agencies, technical advisors, legal advisors, social advisors, contracts and practitioners’ community leaders. Each of these actors will really help to advance the project with their expertise,” said Anne Mordret, PREVENT PCP’s Project Manager and UITP‘s Security Committee Manager.

PREVENT PCP will be using pre-commercial procurement – a form of innovative procurement – to develop and prototype the solutions in three stages: design; integration and technical verification; and validation in a real-time environment. This will be led by public procurers with the support of security stakeholders to offer their guidance and perspective.

UITP’s dedicated Security Committee will lead the organisation’s work on this project, working alongside all relevant partners and stakeholders.