UP Express customers now benefitting from contactless debit payments

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The introduction of contactless debit payments for UP Express services marks the first time that a transit agency in Canada is offering this option as a way to pay.

UP Express customers now benefitting from contactless debit payments

Credit: Metrolinx

Metrolinx has announced that customers can now use a physical debit card or a debit card added to a mobile wallet to pay for travel on the UP Express – a first for transit in Canada. Combined with credit card payments, customers now have more contactless options than ever when it comes to paying for their ride.

In March 2021, PRESTO began piloting new contactless payment options on UP Express, which started with credit cards and mobile wallets as a form of payment. Now, as a part of that same pilot, debit is being introduced as a payment option for customers on UP Express – the rail link that connects Union Station with Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Customers can now tap on and off using Interac® Debit, as well as internationally-issued Visa Debit and Debit Mastercard, or by adding these cards enabled with these payment methods to their mobile wallet and tapping with their phone or smart watch. This not only means more choice and convenience for UP customers, but it also marks the first time that a transit agency in Canada is offering a Canadian contactless debit option as a way to pay.

Customers can continue to use their Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit cards (the physical version or the digital version in their mobile wallet) to pay, as well as more traditional options like a PRESTO card and e-tickets.

How does it work?

Just like with other contactless payment systems across the world, customers should tap only their preferred payment method onto a PRESTO device to pay. For example, if tapping with a phone, make sure that there’s no contactless cards inside its case. This avoids a situation called ‘card clash’ and ensures that the correct payment method is charged. 

Customers still need to tap on and off in the same way. If a rider taps on with a debit card, they must tap off with the same debit card. If they tap on with a phone or watch, they must tap off with the same phone or watch using the same card set up in their mobile wallet.

What’s next?

PRESTO is testing these new contactless payment options with UP Express customers to further enhance the payment experience and to help with a rollout across the region.

Following the UP Express pilot, PRESTO will be rolling out payment by credit, debit and mobile wallets to more transit agencies across the region, bringing customers even more options to make their journey easy and seamless.

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