Bird to launch e-scooter fleet in New York City

Posted: 13 August 2021 | | 1 comment

As part of the launch, Bird says it will also hire 25 formerly incarcerated individuals to help manage the fleet of 1,000 scooters being deployed in the Bronx.

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Micromobility operator Bird has announced it will launch its service in New York City as part of the NYC DOT’s pilot e-scooter programme next week (17 August). Through this program, Bird is launching 1,000 of its new Bird Three vehicles in the Bronx area of the city.

Bird’s entry into the city comes as part of New York City’s first ever shared e-scooter adoption efforts. Mandated by city council legislation passed in June 2020, the first phase of the New York City Department of Transportation’s e-scooter pilot programme brings 3,000 shared electric vehicles to the Bronx.

Bird says the program is designed to test the use of these vehicles in the city and collect relevant insights, as well as focus on providing the area with affordable and sustainable transportation options.

Of a narrowed list of about a dozen applicants, New York City selected three operators, including Bird, for its pilot programme.

The Bird Three, which the operator claims is the industry’s most eco-conscious e-scooter, features key benefits including smart accelerating technology to comply with local speed limits, real time monitoring and diagnostics to ensure vehicle function.

Bird is also partnering with the Fortune Society – a local non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the successful re-entry into society and employment of formerly incarcerated persons – to hire 25 individuals to help manage and support its local fleets.

“The traffic, congestion and unacceptable road safety statistics in large cities were a driving factor in founding Bird. If we replace gas-powered car trips in communities with eco-friendly vehicles such as scooters and bikes, communities benefit from less congestion, safer streets and reduced carbon emissions,” said Travis VanderZanden, Bird founder and CEO.

“Through our collaboration with local legislators, community groups and the NYC DOT, we are working to eliminate transit deserts and provide the foundation for the citywide implementation of these environmentally friendly transportation alternatives.”

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  1. Sherry m Scanlon says:

    The E scooters are being left everywere and anywhere. there should be stations for them.

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