NEORide announces rollout of cash payments for mobile tickets

Posted: 7 July 2021 | | No comments yet

Travellers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan may soon be able to use cash to pay for mobile tickets after NEORide announced the rollout across all 13 transit partners.

The rise of mobile ticketing in public transport

Cash will now be accepted to pay for mobile tickets on all NEORide transit operators

NEORide, a council of governments comprised of 17 transit systems dedicated to the development and promotion of regional public transportation services, has announced the launch of cash payments for mobile tickets across the EZfare fare payment system, which is used by 13 agencies across Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan. With transit agencies increasingly seeking contactless and low-touch ticketing solutions, the body says this move ensures that cash-paying riders will still have access to touch-free services.

From today, transit riders will be able to visit any of the participating agency’s Transit Centers and use cash or card to buy mobile tickets, or add funds to their EZfare or Transit Account, which can then be used to buy tickets when needed. Cash purchases will be available in the Transit app starting 12 July

EZfare will also be launching its 14th transit partner, South East Area Transit (SEAT), to the mobile ticketing platform. SEAT services Muskingum, Noble, Guernsey, Washington and Belmont Counties in Ohio.

NEORide says cash purchases will ultimately be available in any of the EZfare-enabled applications: the EZfare app, Transit, Uber and Moovit.

This week also sees the launch of EZfare Accounts, which allows users to add funds to their accounts for the quick purchase of tickets as and when needed. Both the EZfare and Transit apps support this new feature, which will be rolled out to other applications in the coming months.

“EZfare has allowed our NEORide partner agencies the ability to provide a safe, convenient and contactless fare payment option to our customers,” said Laketran CEO mboil.

“The goal of EZfare is to make fare payment easier for transit riders and now that we can accept cash payments, it gives more riders access to this mobile ticketing technology.”