Stations open on Moscow Central Diameters system

New stations are ready to open on Moscow’s latest infrastructure project, which the Department for Transport says is reducing congestion on the capital’s roads already.

A train at a Moscow Central Diamters station

The new hub will help with the development of the Moscow Central Diameters network

Moscow Central Diameters, a suburban surface-level metro project, will see seven stations opened in 2021, according to Moscow’s Department of Transport.

Two of the stations – Minskaya and Aminyevskaya – are the brand-new stations that will be integrated with underground metro lines 8A and 11 respectively (the latter is currently under construction).

Another five stations (Kokoshkino, Vnukovo, Meshcherskaya, Tolstopaltsevo and Matveyevskaya) are existing stations that will be completely renovated. They will form part of the D4 Line – the fourth Diameter that is going to connect the suburban towns of Aprelevka and Balashikha.

“The demand for new stations depends not only on their modern infrastructure, but also on their integration into the existing transport system,” said Deputy Mayor for Transport Maxim Liksutov.

“Our aim is to create the most developed public transport network possible in and around Moscow, so that passengers can use more logical and faster routes instead of the ones they have always taken.

The launch of the new stations will also contribute to the prospect of the districts. For example, there is already a residential quarter being constructed near Aminyevskaya station” he added.  

According to the Department for Transport, the launch of the new stations has reduced congestion by 2,500 drivers per day. In particular, the Department claims habitual car drivers account for more than 13 per cent of passengers for three new MCD stations (Slavyanskiy Bulvar, Kuryanovo, Ostafyevo).

Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) are new surface Metro lines launched in November 2019. The new network is integrated in Moscow’s transport system, including the ticketing, design and quality standards, according to the Department for Transport. As of today, two lines have been launched. The D1 Line links the towns of Odintsovo and Lobnya, while the D2 Line connects Nakhabino and Podolsk to the centre of Moscow. By 2025, three more lines are expected to open.