Q&A with Intelligent Transport Conference’s Ivo Cré

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Ahead of 2018’s Intelligent Transport Conference on 1-2 November, we asked Ivo Cré what he’s most looking forward to about this year’s event.


What can delegates expect to learn from your session(s) at this year’s Intelligent Transport Conference?

My session deals with the role of transport in a smart city. I will explore the idea that transport is a key enabler and carrier of ‘smartness’ for several reasons: digitalisation and electrification are happening, the changing service environment, and the fact that the transport sector is a stable force when it comes to public investment.

What would you say has been the biggest step forward in transport technology in recent years?

The presence of digital technologies. Interesting to see that these are now also capturing active travel modes into the digital environment.

In your opinion, which public transport organisations do you think are doing the best work to modernise transport?

Polis is a membership organisation, and many of our members are implementing amazing innovations in transport. There are too many to choose from here!

What challenges do you think the public transport sector will face in the future concerning how transport technology is utilised?

The big question we have addressed in policy papers on automation and MaaS is when, where and how to step in as a regulator, facilitator, procurer or planner of innovative services and technologies, to make sure that public policy goals are met.


CréIvo Cré is Director for Polis’ policy coordination and EU project development. Cré has extensive experience in city networks and policy in the field of mobility. In Polis, he leads the thematic pillar on access, coordinates the Polis working groups on parking and on financing and has coordinated Polis’ policy paper on smart cities. Cré is currently working on the European Projects Future Radar, CIVITAS SATELLITE, SETRIS, EBSF_2 and SUNRISE.

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