Safety & Security In-Depth Focus 2018

Posted: 7 June 2018 | | No comments yet

Maintaining the safety and security of passengers, staff and vehicles is more than just a necessary task for transport operators – it is their number one priority. As new technology continues to disrupt the transport landscape, we look to the Americas to discover the impact that new solutions and business models are having on the safety and security of transport networks.

Safety & Security In-Depth Focus #2 2018
  • Understanding safety in Latin America’s new mobility marketplace
    Transport networks worldwide are in a state of flux, and Latin America is no exception, says Yeswant Abhimanyu, LatAm Research Manager at Frost & Sullivan. In this interview with Intelligent Transport’s Luke Antoniou, Abhimanyu explains how new mobility business models and technologies are playing their part in improving safety and security for both passengers and drivers.
  • Securing the future of public transport with new technology
    Safety and security are the number one priorities for transit agencies. In this article from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), Brian Alberts, APTA Director of Safety, and Polly Hanson, APTA Director of Security, Risk and Emergency Management, explain how partnerships, as well as changes to policy and technology, are making mass transit safer.
  • Reducing the terrorist threat on public transport
    In this article for Intelligent Transport, Alex Z. Wiggins, Chief of LA Metro’s System Security & Law Enforcement Division, explains how a partnership between the Transportation Security Administration and LA Metro has led to the testing of new screening technology and how that technology is reducing risk for passengers.


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