Trialling safety technology in Bilbao

Eduardo Hernandez Ledesma, Head of Safety & Security at Metro Bilbao, explains how the European Commission-funded eVACUATE project used technology to develop efficient, effective information sharing in emergency situations for both staff and passengers alike.

Trialling safety technology in Bilbao

THE eVACUATE project, a European project that ran between May 2014 and the end of 2017, involved the participation of 17 enterprises, investigation centres and universities from eight countries. The project was sponsored by the European Commission with funding of €13 million, and aimed to develop a global tool to help individuals make decisions when initiating action plans in emergency situations, thus improving the management process and making it easier to follow.

One of the tool’s main achievements has been saving time during the evacuation process from crowded places, an important feature that was lacking in the past. One of the most common limitations during emergency situations is the difficulty of transmitting the necessary information regarding what is happening to the management areas. Important factors need to be conveyed, such as how many people are there, whether any are injured, what damage has been caused, what protection and management elements are available, what the conditions are and how many resources are available.

In addition to the need for early incident detection, it is vital to gather all relatable information as quickly as possible. For this reason, one of the key project aims was to develop a variety of surveillance technologies to observe and control areas that need protection.

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