The Hyper Chariot: the fastest way to the future

Posted: 23 June 2017 | | No comments yet

Introducing the Hyper Chariot, a 4,000mph super-shuttle that will whisk passengers between London and Edinburgh in just eight minutes that could be fully operational by 2040.

The Hyper Chariot uses roller coaster-type technology to catapult car-sized capsules through airless concrete tubes at five times the speed of sound. It accelerates from 0 to 1,000mph in just 60 seconds using ultra-powerful electric linear motors that provide nearly double the sensation of acceleration as a Boeing 747.

At its maximum velocity of 4,000mph, the Hyper Chariot will zip between London and Edinburgh – among the first national routes – in just over eight minutes, making it the fastest passenger-carrying vehicle on earth.

See the below infographic for more information on the Hyper Chariot…