Could DDRT be a solution to costly SEN transport?

Posted: 20 June 2023 | | No comments yet

How digital demand-responsive technology (DDRT) could be a fix to the rise in demand — and cost — for SEN (special education needs) transport in the United Kingdom.

London, UK - 10 April, 2019 - A car driving through a London street lined with terraced houses and parked cars around Crouch End

Changes to home-to-school transport programs in the UK are putting pressure on families, with transport for young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) being the primary cost driver.

 According to a recent report, 60 per cent of councils said their expenditure on SEN school transport was ‘unsustainable.’
 The solution may be to borrow technology from demand-responsive transport, or DRT, to offer a safe, consistent experience to students while making SEN programs sustainable. 





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