Stratio announces a global framework agreement with Keolis to implement predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics 

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The framework agreement between Stratio and Keolis to enable predictive maintenance and provide remote diagnostic technologies comes after a series of successful projects to extend the digitalisation of maintenance operations.

Stratio announces a global framework agreement with Keolis to implement predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics 

Credit: Stratio

Stratio, the leading predictive fleet maintenance platform, and Keolis, a world leader in shared mobility, have announced the signing of a global framework agreement to enable predictive maintenance and provide remote diagnostic technologies to Keolis’ networks. As part of the agreement, Keolis Group, which operates in 14 countries, may use the Stratio Platform and benefit from predictive fleet maintenance and remote diagnostics for buses and coaches.

The Stratio Platform – which is powered by advanced, agnostic artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models – can monitor, analyse and predict failures in real time, in vehicles of any type, brand and model. This shift from preventive to predictive maintenance results in increased vehicle uptime and optimised depot operations, ultimately saving costs and improving the service offered to the public. 

“The Stratio solution, which is already deployed on several Keolis networks in France, allows maintenance staff to view and address vehicle failures. This eliminates costly downtime, enabling us to provide an even more reliable, efficient and safe service for passengers, while helping our operations staff to improve their eco-driving,” declared Pierre Gosset, Industrial Division Director at Keolis Group.

“Keolis’ commitment to innovating, automating and digitalising their maintenance operations goes to show how much they value their own customers. We are pleased that they chose Stratio to help them to deliver on their objective of connecting people with opportunities and resources with a public transport service that is safe, reliable and future-proof,” said Rui Sales, Co-Founder and President of Stratio.

“Partnering on a global scale with one of the largest fleets in the world accelerates the realisation of our goal of creating a zero downtime future that benefits everyone,” Rui added. 

About Stratio

Stratio is the world’s leading real-time predictive fleet maintenance platform. The company’s proprietary technology combines large-scale processing with the latest machine learning techniques to prevent thousands of breakdowns from happening, thus saving millions of people from the hassle of public transportation delays. Five of the 10 largest transportation companies in the world rely on the Stratio Platform to eliminate unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiency. Fleet operators in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin America trust Stratio’s technology to fully leverage the data under the hood to safeguard operations and keep customers happy. Stratio’s technology has enabled transportation for 1.3 billion people so far.


About Keolis

Keolis is a pioneer in developing public transport systems and works alongside public authorities who want to enhance shared mobility systems to grow the appeal and vitality of their regions. A world leader in operating automated metro and tramway systems, Keolis and its partners and subsidiaries – Kisio, EFFIA, Keolis Santé and Cykleo – support the core business with innovations that offer new and bespoke shared mobility solutions for modes including trains, buses and coaches, trolleybuses, shared car solutions, river and sea shuttle services, bikeshare services, car-sharing, fully electric driverless shuttles and urban cable cars.

In France, Keolis is the second largest provider of parking management solutions through its subsidiary EFFIA, and the country’s leader in medical transport since the creation of Keolis Santé in July 2017. The Group is 70 per cent owned by SNCF and 30 per cent owned by the Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec (Quebec Deposit and Investment Fund), and employs 68,000 people in 14 countries. In 2021, it posted revenue of €6.3 billion. In 2019, 3.4 billion passengers used one of Keolis’ shared mobility services. 

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