PARIFEX’s NANO-CAM: A multifunctional traffic management tool for all needs

Posted: 12 November 2021 | | No comments yet

PARIFEX’s NANO-CAM sensor is a detection tool designed to improve road safety and traffic counting. It enables the detection of speed infringement and the collection of data in multiple situations, as well as in both urban and extra-urban environments.

PARIFEX’s NANO-CAM: A multifunctional traffic management tool


A reliable tool for speeding violations

The NANO-CAM is a speed enforcement and data collection system that includes precise vehicle detection. Based on 3D-LiDAR technology, it offers a 360-degree view. It provides highly accurate detections of speeding violations – even on busy, fast-paced roads – and simultaneous discrimination of multiple targets: speed measurement, limits, vehicle tracking (even during lane changes), etc. 

A tailor-made traffic management solution

The NANO-CAM is available with or without a camera, depending on the customer’s needs. This cutting-edge sensor monitors the 360-degree environment and simultaneously collects different traffic information, such as speed, vehicle classification, tailgating, dimensions, direction, counting, etc. The urban version also allows for the detection of other infringements, such as using a mobile phone while driving, running a red light or a stop sign, automatic number-plate recognition, etc. 

Lidar and 3D capabilities

Unlike standard traffic management solutions, the NANO-CAM includes a 3D-LiDAR sensor that is able to provide a 3D modelling of the 360-degree environment. It is easy to set up in any orientation and requires little processing power, ensuring instantaneous and accurate monitoring. Unlike a basic camera, it guarantees constant quality, whether in daylight or at night, and even in humid conditions. 

Smart city applications

The NANO-CAM has been designed for smart mobility applications: vehicle counting; flow management (origin-destination matrix); autonomous vehicles; risk detection (obstacle, vehicle, etc); parking; lighting; the transport of hazardous substances; truck control, etc. Connected to automated street lighting, the NANO-CAM allows users to control the lighting level depending on traffic, weather conditions, etc. It is also possible to provide updates on parking availability. If you do not want trucks carrying hazardous substances throughout a specific part of the city, the NANO-CAM can also detect number plates and discs on vehicles.

Complete monitoring

The system enables complete traffic management and provides various information simultaneously. Once the device is configurated through the dedicated app, the sensor enables tracking, counting and classification of light vehicles, heavy trucks, motorbikes, etc. It stands out through its capability to detect any fixed and mobile objects simultaneously.

A flexible solution for fixed and mobile use

Users need flexibility, which is why the NANO‑CAM is compatible with fixed and mobile use. It is as plug-and-play and user-friendly as possible, and the automatic calibration enables a quick installation anywhere. This light and compact solution can be set up at the top of a tripod or directly integrated in street furniture or at the back of a vehicle. 

Autonomous vehicles

Sensors fit in well with existing infrastructure and can facilitate communication between autonomous vehicles, ensuring smooth traffic. As it detects approaching vehicles, pedestrians’ movements or priority violations, self-driving cars are automatically slowed down or stopped and can operate safely.