Connecting urban space management in Omaha

Posted: 19 January 2021 | | No comments yet

Ken Smith, City Parking and Mobility Manager for the City of Omaha, explains the strategies and work being implemented in the city to reclaim urban space and manage parking and deliveries.


What challenges are you facing with regards to kerb-side management right now in Omaha?

For delivery drivers, our downtown area can be pretty hectic. Before our Smart Zone pilot, delivery drivers weren’t always aware of loading zones in our CBD, meaning often you would see large trucks blocking cars and open parking spots. This created a safety hazard for the people who work, live in and enjoy our downtown area. The Smart Zone brings intelligent solutions for these drivers and gathers data to the Parking & Mobility Division. Coord, our project partner, understands the struggles cities are facing and is helping us make our downtown parking even better.

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