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Eastern Europe: Žilina, Slovakia – Information, information, information

17 December 2015 | By Jan Šimko, Director of Transport, Dopravný podnik mesta Žiliny s.r.o. (DPMŽ)

Providing urban transport in the Slovakian town of Žilina and its surroundings is Dopravný podnik mesta Žiliny s.r.o. (DPMŽ). With its history dating back to 1949, the transport enterprise continues to grow and with future funding in the pipeline, Jan Šimko, Director of Transport, explores the importance of offering real-time…


Intense investments to enhance the quality of services

16 December 2013 | By Ján Počiatek, Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Slovakia

The debate about transport is always a complex one. Transport is such an integral part of our everyday life and we all consider ourselves experts – we think we know best which new road project should have priority, how the rail timetable should be improved, and we think we know…