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Issue 2 2007



Creating a low carbon transport network in London

19 April 2007 | By David Brown, Managing Director. Surface Transport, TfL

David Brown is Transport for London’s Managing Director, Surface Transport. He is responsible for managing London’s bus network, London’s key ‘Red Route’ road network, Congestion Charging, London’s black taxis and private hire vehicles, London River Services, Croydon Tramlink, Victoria Coach Station, Dial-a-Ride and transport policing. Here, he explains what TfL…


Developing public transport

19 April 2007 | By Matti Lahdenranta, Managing Director, Helsinki City Transport

The Finnish Capital Region has an efficient transport system. Traffic flows well, thanks in part to effective public transport. The City of Helsinki plays a key role in developing public transport and Helsinki City Transport aims to offer all citizens equal possibilities to travel, creating a base for a sustainable…


ITSO goes live in UK

19 April 2007 | By Mike Eastham, GM & Head of Technology and John Verity, Head of Compliance & Security, ITSO

ITSO was founded in 2001 following discussions started in 1998 between the Department for Transport, Public Transport Executives, Transport for London and other interested transport authorities with a desire to generate one interoperable specification for transport related activities. The ITSO specification has now been adopted across the UK and is…


Realising the vision

19 April 2007 | By Gunnar Alenius, Project Leader, AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL)

SL had a vision to improve the quality of public transport services in Stockholm by installing a real time passenger information system. Achieving this aim has taken SL on a journey that has resulted in the adoption of a vehicle information system and an Intermodal Transport Control System – offering…


Setting the standard

19 April 2007 | By ET

ETSI is an independent, non-profit organisation whose mission is to produce telecommunications standards for today and the future.This article looks at ETSI’s work and interviews Marcello Pagnozzi, ETSI Technical Officer for TETRA, to find out more about ETSI’s work in developingTETRA standards. Based in Sophia Antipolis, France, ETSI, the European…


The L-surF project on safety and security

19 April 2007 | By Felix Amberg, CEO, Maximilian Wietek, project manager R&D

Having just entered the third and ultimate year of the L-surF project, it is recognised that research on safety and security is more than welcome to the European Community. At least, this was one of the conclusions of the 2nd Security Research Conference held in Berlin under the German presidency…


Tackling congestion: Bristol fashion

19 April 2007 | By Tony Watts, Freelance Business Journalist

Like virtually all major UK cities, Bristol has major congestion problems – and they’re getting steadily worse in a city where two-car ownership figures are amongst the highest in the country and dependency on public transport is unusually low. Now a £68 million package is being developed, aimed at putting…


Warsaw Metro – The major project investor in Warsaw

19 April 2007 | By Jerzy Lejk, CEO, President of the Board, Metro Warszawskie Ltd

A number of large, exciting transport development projects are currently taking place in Warsaw at the moment and passengers will soon benefit from new metro lines, new stations and additional capacity on trains. In 2006 Warsaw Metro Limited completed the preparation work and started the implementation of the largest construction…


Platform Screen Doors: No barrier to success

19 April 2007 | By

Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) offer many advantages to rail and metro operators including increased safety, comfort for passengers, and added aesthetic appeal. This is why they are increasingly being ordered by transport operators across the world. The most obvious benefit is that PSDs act as a physical barrier preventing people…


Towards cooperative traffic management: An overview of the COOPERS project

19 April 2007 | By Martin Böhm and Alexander Frötscher, AustriaTech, Vienna, Austria. Mike McDonald and Jinan Piao, Transportation Research Group, Southampton University, Southampton, United Kingdom

COOPERS (Co-operative Systems for Intelligent Road Safety) is a 48-month Integrated Project (IP) co-funded by the European Commission (DG-Information Society and Media) in the 6th Framework Programme. 37 partners from 15 European countries are participating in COOPERS under the co-ordination of AustriaTech. The project started in February 2006 and is…


Safety and security on London Underground

19 April 2007 | By Geoff Dunmore, Operational Security Manager, London Underground Limited

The attacks of 7 July and subsequent events were unprecedented in the history of Transport for London. In its 143-year history, the Underground has faced many threats to its security, most notably from Irish Republican terrorism. Safety and security of passengers is London Underground’s top priority. Robust procedures have been…


The arrival of the T3

19 April 2007 | By ET

In December 2006 the first new tram in almost 70 years began service in Paris. The new T3 line runs for a distance of 7.9km through three of the city’s arrondissements (the 13th, 14th and 15th) and seven neighbouring boroughs and has 17 stops in total. According to RATP, the…


Taking advantage of integrated software solutions

19 April 2007 | By Mrs. Anna Maria Monferrer, Chief of Projects Coordination of TB, Transports de Barcelona, S.A., Mr. Joaquim García, Chief of Software Developments in BUS projects, Transports d Barcelona, S.A. and Mr. Guillem Camarasa, Manager of Horta Depot, Transports de Barcelona, S.A.

Transport Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) is the second largest public transit system in Spain.