Advisory Board

Sonya Byers

CEO of Women in Transport

Sonya Byers, CEO, Women in TransportSonya Byers is Chief Executive of Women in Transport, a non-profit network which supports the professional development of women working in transport through networking, mentoring and raising awareness of the opportunities in the sector. Women in Transport also act as secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for women in transport which aims to increase the representation of women in the transport workforce across the UK. Sonya has been a member of Women in Transport for 10 years and a board member for six years, initially acting as Events Chair then Vice President as a volunteer before being appointed to her current role in January 2019. Sonya started her career as a transport survey enumerator before becoming a transport planner. She has since worked in management roles in a diversity and inclusion consultancy, global energy and facilities group, multi-brand recruitment agency, transport survey startup, Top 20 accountancy firm and global engineering group. She co-designed and manages the Advance mentoring programme for Women in Transport, now in its third year.

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