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Matt Greener

Director – Zero Emission Institute at Arriva Group 

Matt Greener Arriva GroupMatt Greener joined Arriva Group in 2017 as Head of Fleet Management. In January 2022, he took up a new role as Arriva’s Zero Emission Institute Director and is now responsible for setting the direction for Arriva’s strategic approach to delivering zero-emission and low carbon bus fleets to support passenger transport authorities to achieve their decarbonisation and air quality objectives and targets.

Matt and his team act as a central hub of knowledge and expertise for all Arriva businesses across Europe. The Zero-Emission Institute forges relationships with external stakeholders including manufacturers, infrastructure providers and energy suppliers to help create the right environment for a seamless transition to zero-emission vehicles. He is also engaging with academic institutions, engineers and industrial designers to make sure that Arriva is at the forefront of the latest innovation, but also to ensure that the group’s commercial expertise is factored into future thinking. It is only by working together as an industry that we will be able to decarbonise.

Before joining Arriva, Matt held a number of senior roles within the transport sector, mainly focussed on fleet procurement strategies, fleet optimisation and utilisation as well as life cycle management analysis to drive improved business performance.

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