How ŠKODA boosted vehicle connectivity with a new Alexa Skill

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Comarch explores what opportunities arise from implementing voice interfaces and other digital services for the automotive industry.

Nowadays, Comarch is a part of the rapid technological (r)evolution in many industries, including the automotive sector. Cars have become one of the fastest-growing categories, with every vehicle becoming a node in a much larger network and an ecosystem that delivers best user experience and digitalise the services offered by car makers. Comarch is on the path to providing IT solutions and fuelling the development of e-mobility with innovative services to create a connected car ecosystem.

It’s not only a matter of bringing new revenue streams for producers (such as OEMs) but also of improving the quality of everyday life in cities. The goal is to digitalise services in automotive through IT.

As such, one of our latest implementations concerned the integration of a voice interface – Alexa Echo – with ŠKODA cars. This delivers remote car management from any place and at any time – users only need to own an Alexa Echo speaker or smartphone to manage their ŠKODA. The Comarch-developed Skill solution enables communication even from outside the car. Users can ask about anything concerning the state of their ŠKODA. Simple and intuitive, Skill is perfect for developing smart cities and evolving a connected car ecosystem.

Comarch has a wide range of expertise in IT system development for automotive and voice interfaces are our flagship. While integrating the Alexa Skill we also provided solutions such as third-party integrations and a back end.

For more details, download our case study on the implementation of Alexa Skill for ŠKODA.

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