Attending the IET Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Academy

Find out how e-learning courses from IET on the connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) market can help you and your team become experts on the subject.

Are you looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the autonomous vehicles industry?

The IET Academy provides you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge on autonomous vehicles and help you to learn new approaches and techniques on the application of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology.  

IET has developed its CAV online courses in conjunction with content partner Connected Places Catapult to bring you an exciting mix of video, case studies and interactive content, making learning about CAVs an engaging experience to help you embed the knowledge.

IET’s CAV e-learning delivers a detailed insight into the key aspects of the connected and autonomous vehicles landscape. You will learn about the different levels of autonomy, history of development, and sensors, as well as CAV car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure connectivity, cyber-security challenges and opportunities. These courses will also equip you with the knowledge of how machine learning and AI techniques can be combined to solve specific use cases of connected and autonomous vehicles.

You can find out more in-depth detail about what each of the six individual CAV courses have to offer you here.

For questions on individual course/unit purchases please refer to the FAQ or contact IET at [email protected]

Buying for yourself

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Buying for your team

The IET Academy provides a cost-effective and flexible business e-learning solution, with multi-user access that is tailored to your organisation. Visit to find out how IET can help you with your training requirements.



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