InnoTrans 2018 Video Interviews: iris – infrared & intelligent sensors

Intelligent Transport editor, Luke Antoniou, interviews iris – infrared & intelligent sensors at InnoTrans 2018 to discover their thoughts on the future of automatic passenger counting.

At InnoTrans 2018 our Editor, Luke Antoniou, caught up with iris – infrared & intelligent sensors to find out how they see the industry developing.

  • What does iris do and what are your plans for InnoTrans this year?
  • How has passenger counting changed in recent years? and how is it still changing?
  • Whats next for iris?

About iris – infrared & intelligent sensors

iris develop and manufacture sensor components for automatic passenger counting. We design, develop, produce and install our opto-electronic sensors for integration with a variety of systems. Our sensors are mounted above the vehicle doors and transmit the quantity of boarding and deboarding persons.

The specific fields of iris include time-of-flight sensors (TOF) and their signal processing, especially for 3D data. Our expertise in microsystems technology enables us to optimise our sensors for new passenger counting requirements – from sensor elements to optical and electronic systems to software – at any time.

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