InnoTrans 2018 Video Interviews: Feig

Intelligent Transport Editor, Luke Antoniou, interview Feig Electronic at InnoTrans 2018 to discover their thoughts on ticketing developments and challenges.

At InnoTrans 2018 our Editor, Luke Antoniou, caught up with Feig Electronic to find out how they see the industry developing.

  • Tell us a bit about Feig Electronic and what you are up to at InnoTrans this year?
  • How do you see transport ticketing developing further?
  • What part does Feig have to play in the future of transport ticketing?
  • How important is it for end users to feel safe using ticketing technology? How do you ensure their safety?
  • Whats the next big disruption in transport? What part does Feig electronic have to play?

About Feig Electronic

FEIG ELECTRONIC is a manufacturer of innovative payment solutions for public transport systems. The German company has many years of experience in RFID technology and offers EMVCo Level 1 and PCI 4.0 certified contactless payment terminals (Open Loop & Closed Loop Ticketing) for integration in validators, on-board computers and ticket gates. These terminals offer latest encryption features like remote key loading and allow parallel and independent operation of closed-loop and open-loop applications of even different providers. Multi-Application resource sharing improves transaction speed of up to 20% and crypto plug-ins allow easy and fast implementation of E2EE.

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