Video: ZAwheel – electric motors for buses

Posted: 23 July 2020 | | No comments yet

With the unique, high-tech, electric in-wheel hub drive ZAwheel and its energy-savings-lifeline, your economy drive starts with the very first journey.

ZAwheel is a leader in total efficiency (battery to wheel), noise characteristics, easy servicing and eco-friendliness whilst at the same time offering unparalleled low energy and consumption costs compared with other drive systems. By eliminating approximately 80 per cent of the moving parts in the drive train which are subject to wear and tear, such as gearboxes, transmission ratios or differentials, maintenance costs are reduced to the absolute minimum.

The major difference however lies in the actual drive as the drive power on the ZAwheel is delivered to the wheel itself. The targeted use of torque means that buses and commercial vehicles can be driven efficiently, silently and emission-free through city and urban areas. Reducing energy costs for any bus fleet by 75 per cent compared e.g. to diesel vehicles. ZAwheel needs no internal combustion engine or gearbox and so is totally integrated into the available space. Especially in the rear passenger compartment, the continuous, barrier-free low-floor arrangement creates a totally new range of options for interior design, e.g. more seating and standing space for passengers, or additional barrier-free areas for wheelchair users. Buses equipped with the high-tech electric in-wheel hub drive ZAwheel and the energy-savings-lifeline, are in successful use with a wide operating range in many German and European cities.

So make the change now to climate protection from the Royal League. We supply ZAwheel as a complete axle drive module in two performance versions – ready for installation.

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