Dubai’s RTA hosts “digital laboratory” to discuss smart technologies

The “digital remote laboratory” hosted over 80 stakeholders involved in smart technology and passenger experience decision-making.

Dubai's RTA hosts "digital laboratory" to discuss smart technologies

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has hosted the “first digital remote laboratory” to discuss the promotion of smart technologies for customer service, within the framework of the precautionary measures taken by the Emirate of Dubai to limit the spread coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ahmed Mahboub, Director of the Smart Services Executive Department in the Institutional Technical Support Services Sector at the Authority, said: “The organisation of the laboratory reflects the Authority’s response to our responsible government’s directives by continuing to work without interruption. More than 80 of the Authority’s leaders, employees and a number of international companies such as Gartner, global consultant in the future directions of technology, and RBPI, consultant specialised in customer experience, participated in the laboratory, as well as a number of companies developing smart applications.

“The laboratory included two main axes; the first was the user experience in terms of ease of use of techniques and the simplification of procedures, and the second was innovation in smart services, including the use of artificial intelligence and knowledge of user behaviour. The laboratory resulted in more than 131 ideas, the most important of which is the standardisation of applications.”

Mahboub noted that there are plans to hold future laboratory sessions which will focus on the customer’s journey at the service level, among other elements by default. He indicated that the latest technology was used in holding the first laboratory, in terms of providing the ability to exchange ideas via vote and feedback.