Alstom to provide Amsterdam 5 additional metro trainsets

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Alstom has received an order for five additional metro trainsets from the municipality of Amsterdam, Netherlands…

Alstom has received an order for five additional metro trainsets from the municipality of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The order, worth around €42 million, is an option of the contract signed in 2010, which included 23 Metropolis for the metro network of the Dutch capital. The additional metro trainsets will be delivered to Amsterdam during the second half of 2014.

Alstom Metro MetropolisThe order is part of an ambitious public transport policy adopted by the municipality of Amsterdam, the City region and the operator, GVB, to expand and modernise the metro network. It includes the introduction of additional metro trainsets, the creation of a new North-South line and the modernisation of the existing network and the North-South line with a new CBTC Signalling & Control system, awarded to Alstom in 2012.

The Amsterdam metro belongs to Alstom’s Metropolis range. Composed of 6 cars, it allows for easy entry and exit thanks to large doors (8 doors per car), gangways between the coaches, a continuous low floor and longitudinal seating to improve passenger flow. Wheelchair facilities are installed in two multipurpose spaces. In addition, dynamic travel information, connection communication, surveillance cameras and transparent interiors will improve passenger safety and comfort. The metro meets the strongest fire safety requirements.

The Amsterdam metro ceiling is 230 centimetres high – 20 centimetres higher than standard metro ceiling. Due to the extra length of the new metro trains (116 metres compared with 37 metres), the train will be able to carry 960 passengers, doubling its current total transport capacity. The noise reduction equipment installed on board makes this metro one of the quietest in the world and the lighting system of the trainsets uses exclusively sustainable LED technology. The train can run at maximum speed of 80 kph and is equipped for driverless automatic transport. Fully interchangeable, the metro trainsets are capable of operating on existing metro lines and future ones such as the North-South line still under construction. With this additional order, the total amount of new metro trainsets for Amsterdam is now of 28.

The metros will be produced in Alstom’s Katowice site in Poland.

One in four metros presently in operation in the world is an Alstom metro. More than 4,000 Metropolis cars have been sold across the world in cities such as Barcelona, Warsaw, Budapest, Istanbul, Singapore, Shanghai, Nanjing, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Santo Domingo.

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