FOCON launches the passenger information system (PIS / CIS) platform of the future

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IMAGINE a PIS / CIS system built for the future and built to last…

FOCON recently launched their latest PIS / CIS platform built by use of “customer’s voice”. With the help of key industry knowledgeable people being passengers, train builders, operators and consultancy companies FOCON have achieved an in-depth insight into current and future needs within rolling stock and built our newest PIS / CIS generation around it.


The platform is built to meet the fast-changing world that is approaching us; it’s market leading in features and updateable moving forward; it’s supported so lifetime cost is optimised as much as possible.

A changed world is approaching us

Over the past decades the rolling stock industry has changed radically. Though demand for public transport is increasing the industry conditions have changed. Where the rolling stock was before more simple in technology, lower regulated and lifetime cost not key considerations the world of today has changed.

The primary “driver of change triangle”

The technological development is going faster than ever, new technology is released every day, new processors with higher capacity, touch screens etc. The fast developing technology brings with it a high rate of obsolete issues not seen in the past where things were simpler in their design. The technology of today is outdated tomorrow.

The financial context has also changed; in particular the latest financial crisis has brought focus on “smart and effective investments”, and a new focus has been raised where focus is not only the initial investment to be made, but also the life time cost of an investment. In the rolling stock industry a life time of min. 30–40 years is a standard condition – imagine what a difference of even a few percentages adds up to when measured over several decades.

The third big driver of changes is new legislation and standardization; legislation like disability acts (in Europe referred to as TSI-PRM) or new standards within safety regulations e.g. SIL (Safety Integrity Level). Complying with these on-going changing legislation and standards demands not only adapting products but also comprehensive testing and documentation of compliance.

In the past when new rolling stock was bought very few had focus on standardization and life time cost. Most purchases were customized solutions that today stand as high cost due to their individual need for update to new legislation, standards etc., and further they are faced with high obsolescence and updating cost that may only apply to these one-off solutions.

Market leading platform

FOCON has done something new; FOCON asked questions of its customers, the train operators, train consultancy companies, service providers and passengers. FOCON looked ahead and imagined the need in 10–20 years and used that as off-set to start building towards it already from today. FOCON put adaptability and life cost as first priority.

The result is a market leading platform, customizable but yet built on proven modules, which offers optimum and effective solutions today and also in the future, as it may be built on as needs change.

As FOCON imagined the future and are building their platform on customers “we would imagine having such system in the future” FOCON appropriately named the new platform IMAGINE.

A scalable solution

FOCON’s platform is scalable from a basic core solution with basic passenger announcement functions and/or displaying to high level solutions according to your choice, including a broad range of optional features as added communication features, RIS / TIS (travel information systems), infotainment with real-time update and CCTV.

On the same core platform FOCON covers solutions from LRV (Light Rail Vehicles) to regional and mainlines, over metros to high speed and very high speed solutions.

More than a product platform

An investment in new equipment is more than just the initial investment; it’s about the total life time cost. What does it help to have a low initial cost if the life time cost is several times higher than it could have been?

In the past a lot of focus has been given to the first project investment. Many smart things have been done to bring down cost on the initial investment, but it has been done compromising the total life cost. What does it help that a special system has been built and a sub-components buy approach has been used if it’s not or only difficult maintainable over time?

FOCON has taken the total life time cost view. First they built a solution that is easier updateable over time than seen before but they did more than that. The new IMAGINE platform is not a stand-alone solution; it’s effectively supported by a strong, also customizable, aftersales concept InMotion giving optimum up-time and life time cost, this by maximizing availability of spares and service and proven products with high reliability.

FOCON – an innovative market leader

FOCON is today a market leading solutions provider whose core capabilities are integrated solutions consisting of total project management, software programming and software-friendly hardware. The newest platform is IP based and includes among others options as infotainment, CCTV and disrupting messaging.

FOCON references are extensive and covers most recognized train builders and highly acknowledge operators around the globe.

As an innovative IRIS and ISO certified trendsetter FOCON makes out an excellent choice for those seeking solutions for the future, solutions that may be built on going forward and that may be run at a highly competitive level of life time cost.

More information is to be found on FOCON’s website or by contacting FOCON directly. Contact information is available on the company website.

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