Go-Ahead leads the way with £30m investment in greener buses

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The Go-Ahead Group is leading the industry with its commitment to make bus travel more carbon efficient…

The Go-Ahead Group, a leading operator of high quality transport services in England, is leading the industry with its commitment to make bus travel more carbon efficient and supports British manufacturing through record investment in hybrid buses.

Following delivery of almost 100 hybrid buses during 2012, Go-Ahead now has 134 hybrid buses in service in England, with a further 18 due to be delivered in April 2013. This means Go-Ahead has the largest proportion of hybrid buses in its fleet, compared with other major operators. All hybrid buses purchased have been manufactured in the UK.

Hybrid buses are significantly more environmentally friendly than conventional diesel buses as they can use up to 30% less fuel. Hybrid technology also enables buses to run very quietly – reducing noise pollution and improving the customer experience.

In addition, Go-Ahead is the first operator in England to run buses on bio methane fuel, following the delivery of 13 ‘MAN EcoCity’ gas buses in November 2012. These buses also use around 30% less fuel than traditional diesel buses.

In another industry first, the Group will become the first operator to run two purely electric 12 metre single deck vehicles in London following an agreement between Go-Ahead, BYD China and Transport for London.

We will continue to closely monitor the fuel consumption and performance of the different types of buses in Go-Ahead’s fleet to ensure we are delivering high quality services in a cost and carbon efficient way.

David Brown, Group Chief Executive of Go-Ahead said:

“Over the last year, Go-Ahead has invested a record £30m in hybrid buses – benefitting passengers, the environment and the UK economy. At Go-Ahead, providing modern and environmentally responsible bus services is central to our strategy and our recent investment in these fuel efficient buses will help us work towards our target to reduce our CO2 emissions per passenger journey by 20% by 2015.”

Hybrid buses are currently around 30 per cent more expensive than conventional buses. Government financial support is made available through the Green Bus Fund which subsidises the cost for operators.

Go-Ahead pioneered the use of hybrid buses in England. In 2006, it became the first operator to run a London bus route entirely with hybrid buses.

Details of Go-Ahead’s hybrid fleet are: 53 x ADL, 86 x Volvo, 13 x Wrights

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