Keolis opens final section of the automated metro in Hyderabad, India

Posted: 11 February 2020 |

The automated metro network carries more than 400,000 passengers daily, and is forecast to carry one million passengers per day in the future. 

Keolis opens final section of the automated metro in Hyderabad, India

Keolis has inaugurated the final section of the automated metro network of Hyderabad, India which is now 69km long.

Keolis Hyderabad was awarded the contract to operate and maintain Hyderabad automated metro network by L&T Metro Rail in 2012, with the first section of the network opening in November 2017.

The new line provides a connection with three bus stations in the city serving the suburbs of Hyderabad. The metro network is connected to six railway stations (including Begumpet, Secunderabad and Nampally) which aims to enhance shared mobility and intermodality. 

Keolis opens final section of the automated metro in Hyderabad, IndiaWith three inter-line exchange hubs now accessible to network passengers, travelling in Hyderabad, particularly at rush hour, is now said to be safer and simpler for all citizens.

NVS Reddy, Managing Director, Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd, said: “As a public transportation service, the metro has helped to improve quality of life for Hyderabadis over the years. Other extensions are now planned to take this project further and make the city a reference in shared mobility. This public private partnership has greatly enhanced the attractiveness of Hyderabad, thanks to excellent, effective collaboration between all parties involved.”

Edward Thomas, Managing Director, Keolis Hyderabad, added: “I am really proud to witness the completion of the Hyderabad metro network. We will constantly seek to improve our service and transport Hyderabad’s residents and visitors using a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly solution of shared mobility. Through this fruitful collaboration with L&T and Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMRL), we will strive to take this world-class metro to the next level.”

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