Barcelona expands electric bus fleet

Posted: 10 February 2020 |

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona’s (TMB) goal is to have the active TMB fleet consist only of electric, hybrid and compressed natural gas vehicles by 2030.

Barcelona expands electric bus fleet

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) has purchased 23 new articulated buses with 100 per cent electric propulsion to continue the replacement of diesel vehicles and to advance the conversion of the H16 line to the first of the zero-emission network. 

The acquisition of 23 electric vehicles is part of TMB plans to renovate and upgrade the fleet of environmentally friendly buses in Barcelona and its metropolitan in the period 2019 -2021. 

The new electrical components will be used to continue the transformation of the H16 (Pg. Zona Franca – Forum / Besòs Campus) in the first zero-emission line of TMB. For this reason, both ends of the line have transformers and fast chargers, which will soon be strengthened so that they can load two buses simultaneously, ensuring the operability and regularity of the service.

Of the 23 buses, 14 will be from Solaris’ New Urbino model and the rest of the Irizar i2e type, all 18 metres long and equipped with pantographs for charging the batteries. 

In addition to the usual comfort and equipment features of the latest TMB acquisitions, these 23 buses will reportedly be distinguished by a new interior layout, which will favour accessibility at the rear, with improved lighting in the passage area. 

The buses will also incorporate an artificial vision driving assistance system, which analyses the environment to reduce the possibility of accidents, and electronic rear-view mirrors, which aim to improve visibility in difficult conditions.

According to the conditions, which is pending formalisation of the contract, the delivery of the 23 units by the manufacturers must allow them to enter service by the beginning of 2021.