The ticketing system of the LIA network, Le Havre transport network, is modernising

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Parkeon a key partner for ticketing solutions…


‘After Reims, Angers and soon Lille, this new project makes Parkeon a key partner for ticketing solutions’.

After consulting companies specializing in this area, ‘CODAH’, the Community of Le Havre and its suburbs, chose Parkeon and Ineo’s group for the making and implementation of the ticketing system of LIA transport network.

On 12 December 2012, the transit network of the city was strengthened by the arrival of a tram. Spanning a distance of 13 km, the 23 tramway’s stations now connect the beach and the heart of the whole city thereby improving connections with buses, trains, the LER (internal TER to the city).

From this perspective, the ‘CODAH’ wanted a new ticketing system connecting all the different modes of transport , city buses, suburban buses, LER line, funicular and tram.

Crossing Le Havre to get to the station, take the regional train, all with a single ticket, this is the goal of this new ticketing system . Since June 2012, this system has replaced the old system of the bus network, which has become obsolete following the introduction of the new tramway line.

Combined with all the other means of transport, the tramway has become the backbone that allows people from Le Havre to move more quickly, easily and cleanly.

The new intermodal ticketing system uses the most modern technologies, particularly through the application of a fully contactless ticketing system similar to Reims and Angers.

Since June, the traditional cardboard tickets have been replaced by contactless smart cards that need to be presented in front of an electronic validator. This will result in time savings for travellers and more fluidity in terms of user traffic.

As well as ease of use, this new ticketing system offers more services to users. For example, it will soon be possible to purchase and recharge the tickets directly over the Internet. For occasional trips, two opportunities will be available to travellers. The purchase of a ticket that can be used immediately, printed on thermal paper or the use of a rechargeable smart card.

In this context Parkeon has replaced the old ticketing system which became obsolete by providing all the validation equipment in buses, the funicula, the LER line and some taxis. Parkeon also provided all “Point of Sale” terminals in the sales offices of the operator and in other outlets as well as the central ticketing system.

During the commissioning of the tramway, the second deployment phase of this project, Parkeon installed ticket vending machines in all stations.

The last phase will take place in 2013. It includes the remote selling system and the interoperability with the Haute-Normandie region.

The Parkeon equipment is supported by the latest generation of hard and software solutions. It combines technological innovation and recognised ticketing know-how.

  • All the machines have contactless targets and are simple and easy to use, thus meeting the expectations of end users;
  • A large touch screen clearly displays the information necessary for the journey;
  • An ergonomic interface
  • The payment of the ticket is possible by credit card;

Thanks to almost thirty years’ experience in the design and supply of ticketing systems Parkeon’s strategy of becoming a major European player in the world of ticketing systems is now showing results.

Jean-Marie Personeni, Public Transport Director of Parkeon comments on this collaboration: “For such a project to succeed, we needed to take account of the constraints relating to the specifications and needs of our customer ‘CODAH’ and take on board their requirements in terms of schedule. Our strong involvement, manufacturing capabilities, full control over ticketing technologies and the organisational model proposed for managing the project were key assets for the successful fulfillment of our mission”.

After Reims, Angers and soon Lille, Le Havre is the fourth french city to acquire this global ticketing offer, allowing Parkeon to become a key partner for ticketing solutions on transport policies.

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