Digital number plates to be trialled in Dubai

Posted: 10 December 2019 |

Abdullah Yusuf Al Ali, the Executive Director of the licensing institution in the authority, emphasised that testing of these panels confirms the authority’s endeavour to keep on top of the latest technologies, and to support the “Smart City” initiative.

Digital number plates to be trialled in Dubai

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Reviver Auto Accessories Trading Company (the regional office of the American Revaveroto Company) to implement smart panel technology for vehicles that are concerned with monitoring traffic jams and other technological advantages in the field of licensing and road safety and security.

Abdullah Yusuf Al Ali, the Executive Director of the licensing institution in the authority, said: “These smart panels will be used experimentally in the Emirate of Dubai, and will make a qualitative change in the concept of roads and technological infrastructure for transportation by linking many modern systems and technologies, and the method of communication, between vehicles and with many government and semi-government agencies with relevant safety and security of transportation.

“Smart panels for vehicles are characterised by multiple characteristics, including the centralised electronic control of changing numbers and the design of the panels. The panels show the end date of insurance and vehicle licensing without the need to change the board, determining and recording the duration of the trips and the driver’s data, eliminating the possibilities of theft of plates or vehicles. In addition to these panels, the system can link the system with electronic payment of parking or traffic tariff gates, as well as showing warnings and messages on the board in the event of an emergency or accidents. To ease the speed or change the path of the vehicle, as well as show traffic jams on the monitoring screens, the smart panel can connect to several different networks broadcast, because they contain several systems with smart communication.”

Patrick Elingwillam, General Manager and first Cice President of the Europe and Middle East region, added: “We are proud of our partnership with the authority, and the signing of this memorandum of understanding makes Dubai the first city in the world to initiate a digital transformation of the licensing of entire vehicles. It establishes a basis for a digitally connected vehicle platform, indicating the possibility of digital communication for vehicles, which allows motorists to reach an unprecedented and growing list of services and solutions.”