Nomad Digital launches private Trackside Radio technology

Posted: 3 December 2019 |

The Trackside Radio Networks solution provides passengers a seamless, high speed WiFi connection throughout their journey, including when travelling through tunnels or under bridges.

Nomad Digital has launched its new Trackside Radio Networks solutions, available for mainland rail and metro. 

In today’s rail environment providing good quality, consistent passenger WiFi is considered to be increasingly challenging when relying purely on mobile data networks to provide the train-to-ground connectivity. Data costs can spiral as user consumption increases, making an often-criticised service even harder to accept and to deliver.

There is said to be a clear point at which annual mobile data costs exceed the cost of deploying a private train-to-ground radio and backhaul network, with a complete return on investment in most cases of less than three years.

With a private trackside train-to-ground network, the passenger WiFi experience is faster and more consistent across the journey. This allows business users an office style, online experience and leisure travellers the ability to stream their favourite films or indulge fully in social media.

Nomad’s train-to-ground Trackside Network solution ensures continuous high-speed, high quality wireless connectivity between the train, the wayside and the network operations centre. With the high-speed train-to-ground radio link, services will be more reliable, and low connectivity due to tunnels, cuttings and bridges is overcome.

Offering reliable architecture that provides resilience and security, radio-based connectivity will give greater than 1.5Gbps of throughput between the train and ground. Trackside offers a return on investment, additional revenue opportunities and best in class connectivity performance.

All of the equipment deployed as part of the solution architecture meets appropriate rail standards and certifications. Reliability is supported by Nomad’s suite of monitoring and management tools that help with the operations and maintenance of the network.

Nomad Digital has created a turnkey integrated trackside solution, tailored to meet specific needs of operators, by providing an entire solution. This future-proofed technology offers a comprehensive service that delivers both connectivity and operational savings.

Trackside Networks are becoming more prevalent across the industry, and the ‘gigabit Train’ is fast becoming reality.