‘JAM Card’ aims to make transport in Ireland accessible for all

Posted: 26 November 2019 |

Passengers with a learning disability, autism, or any other communication barrier can show the driver their JAM Card to convey that they might require a little more time and understanding.

'JAM card' aims to make transport in Ireland accessible for all

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has introduced the JAM Card on all public transportation platforms in Ireland – a discreet for way for those with a learning disability or a communication barrier to indicate easily and discreetly that they might need ‘Just A Minute’ when accessing public transport.

The JAM Card is a social innovation from NOW Group, an organisation based in Belfast. The NTA’s aim in introducing the card is to make public transportation safe and accessible for all passengers, regardless of their circumstances.

JAM Cards are available in the standard card form or as a smartphone app, and are used by over 35,000 people in the UK and Northern Ireland on public transport as well as in shops, restaurants and other public spaces. Drivers on all Transport for Ireland platforms are said to have been trained to recognise the JAM Card, with the aim to make Ireland completely ‘JAM friendly.’

Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority, said: “We are proud to partner with NOW Group in this fantastic initiative, one that will make getting around the country easier and more comfortable for everyone. Public transportation can be overwhelming at times, and the JAM Card allows users to signal to drivers in a discreet and dignified manner that they might need ‘Just A Minute’.

Shane Ross TD, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, added: “The JAM Card is going to have a positive impact on public transport, not only for those who use the card, but also for drivers and other passengers. Quite often, disabilities and communication barriers are invisible. I believe the JAM Card will help the general public to be more patient and understanding when interacting with others on public transportation.”

To get a JAM Card, users can request one directly by visiting the JAM Card website and filling out the request form.