INIT receives major order for e-ticketing in Nottingham

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Dubbed as England’s least car dependent city, Nottingham’s public transport system is already a model to admire…


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Dubbed as England’s least car dependent city, Nottingham’s public transport system is already a model to admire. However, the dedication and effort of Nottingham does not end there. INIT has received two major orders to realise integrated ticketing solutions in Nottingham.


Copyright Photo: Graham Heywood @ iStockphotos

With more than 40 million customer journeys per year, the independent bus operator trent barton operates quality bus services in Nottingham. Previously, trent barton implemented INIT’s integrated ticketing solution comprising of Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETM), validators and their innovative MANGO smartcards. The Automatic Vehicle Location (GPS, odometer and door contact) feature of the ETM works together with the refillable electronic purse: MANGO, and passenger terminal allowing for a touch-in/touch-out system. This means that passengers can use their MANGO cards as an alternative to paper tickets and cash transactions by simply waving their card to the validator for the system to automatically calculate the best fare to be charged. Ultimately, a shorter dwell time to support schedule adherence, more satisfied customers and lower operating costs could be achieved. This innovative scheme will be further enhanced with the new order where the latest ITSO certified ETM EVENDpc will be realised. Amongst many other features, one of the most prominent elements will be the capability to participate in the Greater Nottingham Real Time Passenger Information System, as well as the fact that the new EVENDpc is already EMV-prepared.

This outstanding success in ticketing systems has resulted in Tramlink, the bid consortium for the existing and expansion of Nottingham’s tram network, to opt for INIT’s innovative ticketing solution, too. Passengers will soon be able to use MANGO which can be topped up via cash or via chip & pin debit/credit cards on the self service ticketing vending machines located on platform. Also on the platform, a touch in/out system will be implemented using INIT’s validators.

INIT is providing the software for the necessary exchange of data and real-time reporting as well as 204 terminals/validators and 118 self service Ticket Vending Machines at the Tramlink stops. An initial phase will see the equipping of the existing NET line 1 then NET lines 2 and 3, once opened. INIT will act as supplier and installer for Taylor Woodrow, part of the joint venture appointed constructor for the Nottingham tram extensions.

“The new major project in Nottingham permits us to expand our market position in the area of e-ticketing in Great Britain. Additional follow-up orders for our solutions are also emerging in the region”, said INIT Chief Sales Officer Dr Jürgen Greschner when the contract was awarded. E-ticketing solutions from INIT have already been used successfully worldwide for almost 20 years. Thanks to consistent development with continuous integration of new technologies, today the Karlsruhe-based telematics specialist offers one of the most established modern product portfolios for Ticketing, Fleet management and Real Time Information systems in the market. Within the last twelve months, INIT has, among other successes, been able to secure its first major e-ticketing project in the USA with Sacramento. Our ticketing solutions can be easily expanded to an integrated Intelligent Transportation System solution for public transportation through for example facilitating real-time information for passengers regarding bus, tram and train departures/arrivals.”

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