Hundreds lose driving license from e-scooter DUI charges at Munich Oktoberfest

Posted: 10 October 2019 |

E-scooters were legalised in Germany in June 2019 and are classified as motorised vehicles, meaning that the same drink-driving laws as cars and other vehicles apply.

Hundreds lose driving licenses from e-scooter DUI charges at Oktoberfest

The German police have released figures that reveal hundreds of e-scooters users have lost their driving licences after being charged with DUI offences after using e-scooters at the Oktoberfest beer festival celebrations in Munich.

Approximately 6.3 million people attended Oktoberfest 2019, 414 of those were found using e-scooters whilst under the influence of alcohol, and 254 have lost their licence, according to a German police statement.

Throughout the same 16-day festival period, 360 people were caught driving cars under the influence, and 214 had their licenses revoked, both of which are lower figures when compared to the DUI e-scooter charges.

In an attempt to prevent the festival-goers from abandoning e-scooters in the grounds, the app prevented users from logging out whilst at the festival site, but high numbers of abandoned scooters were found in the city each night, with the police stating that 1,100 scooters were turned away at entry points.

As a result, authorities are trying to find the best solution to the issues that transportation solutions such as e-scooters seem to be presenting.

According to CNN, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has investigated e-scooter related crashes and injuries after a rise of incidents in Austin, Texas, and found that one in three injured riders were hurt on their first time, and approximately 63 per cent had ridden nine times or fewer before their injury, suggesting education and training is potentially required.

Authorities have stressed the need to further regulate the world of e-scooters to ensure that the safety of users and the public is not dismissed.