Alstom subsidised by European Commission to develop its HESOP energy recovery system

Posted: 26 October 2012 | Alstom | No comments yet

The European Commission has chosen Alstom in funding 50% of a R&D project…

The European Commission has chosen Alstom in funding 50% of a research and development project, where Alstom will extend its energy recovery system, called HESOP, to the metro network and install it in a pilot site.

The system allows to recover 15% of the traction energy generated when trains apply the brakes, and then to re-inject that energy into the public power grid. Thanks to HESOP, CO2 emissions are also reduced by 15%. The funding is part of the European Commission’s LIFE+ programme, whose objective is to financially support environmentally-friendly initiatives.

Alstom succeeded in meeting the European Commission’s selection criteria by providing an innovative and state-of-the art system, and friendly to the environment. Already fully operational within the Paris Region on the T1 tram line at Pablo Picasso station, HESOP 750 Volts will be developed into a 1,500-volt version for metro and suburban trains. The project should be implemented in early 2015, with an initial HESOP 1,500V installation being deployed on line 3 of the Milan metro.

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