Alstom takes part in the first welding on the initial track of the Garonne tramway’s line in Toulouse

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Alstom took part in the symbolic first welding on the initial track of the Garonne line…

Alstom, represented by Jerome Wallut, Managing Director of Alstom Transport France, took part in the symbolic first welding on the initial track of the Garonne line of Toulouse’s tramway on Saturday October 20th, 2012. Presiding over the event at the “Arènes” station was Tisséo–SMTC Chairman, Mayor of Toulouse and Toulouse Metropole Urban Community Chairman Pierre Cohen, in the presence of SMAT Chairman Joël Carreiras and local elected officials and VIPs.

The group made up of Alstom Transport, Egenie and Guintoli will build the tracks in sectors 1 and 2 of this second line in Toulouse’s tramway network. This part of the line will be 2.5 km long, running between the “Arènes” and “Fer à Cheval” stations.

Innovation is at the heart of the proposed solution. Indeed, AppitrackTM is a building method for accelerated and automated construction of tramway and metro tracks, exclusively developed by Alstom and which is four times faster than standard processes. With this system, it is possible to reduce excavation depth, track-laying times and inconvenience to local residents.

As a result of using AppitrackTM, work on Toulouse’s Garonne tramway line will take only 6 months out of the 12 initially scheduled. Alstom is expected to complete 5 km in total track length on this line. Sectors 1 and 2 of the Garonne line are planned for completion by late 2013.

To executive this contract, Alstom is relying on its expertise in the field of infrastructures. Specifically, this field includes electrification, laying down the railway tracks, the electromagnetic systems intended for new railway, tramway and metro lines, as well as modernising existing lines.

Alstom has already completed electrification of over 10,000 kilometres in lines and laid more than 2,000 kilometres in tracks. In addition, Alstom has supplied the tramway for Bordeaux, the first city in the world to choose the APS system (ground-level power supply: a tramway with no overhead wires), a technology also adopted by cities like Reims, Angers, Orleans, Tours, Brasilia and Dubai.

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