INIT supports Salzburg with operational optimisation and ticketing

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It is one of the key issues for our mobility: private transport and public transport must be better coordinated…

It is one of the key issues for our mobility: private transport and public transport must be better coordinated to conserve scarce energy resources and to reduce emissions. A corresponding project is currently underway in the Austrian city of Salzburg. To provide the necessary data in real time and to be available at the various interfaces, a new control system is to generate and analyse data from the Obuses (trolley buses) and will pass on this information to various interfaces. Highly specialised hardware and software are required to make sure the system works.

These are to be provided for the about 110 Obuses and the control centre of the transport operator Salzburg AG by INIT, the worldwide leading supplier of Intelligent Transportation Systems for public transportation. The Obus operator of Salzburger Lokalbahnen decided to have the existing control system, including the ticketing system, replaced by INIT following a Europe-wide call for tenders.

Future-oriented model with integrated ticketing

For the control centre, INIT is supplying a modern Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) with dynamic passenger information and operational statistics. Simultaneously, numerous interfaces are being realised for data supply, personnel and service planning and various information systems.

For this purpose, the Obuses have to be equipped with the integrated on-board computer/ticket printer EVENDpc. The vehicle data supply and tariff data download will take place via WLAN. The central ticket management and clearing system MOBILEvario manages the tariff of the Salzburger Verkehrsverbund and an individual in-house tariff.

“The Salzburg model is future-oriented in terms of the efficient organisation of transport systems in conurbations. We are therefore very proud to be able to make a substantial contribution to this pilot project as a partner of Salzburg AG. We also expect there to be increased calls for tenders for integrated projects of this kind in the future”, remarked Dr Jürgen Greschner, init Sales Director, when the contract was awarded.

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