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GMV has now won a new one-million-euro contract for setting up an advanced fleet-management and passenger-information system…

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GMV, leader in advanced fleet-management and passenger-information systems for road and rail passenger transport, has now won a new one-million-euro contract for setting up an advanced fleet-management and passenger-information system in the public transport fleet of the Polish city of Toruń.

GMV will supply a GPRS-based advanced fleet management system for the 40-vehicle public transport fleet. It will also set up a complete passenger information system comprising 65 bus-stop panels with voice information for the visually handicapped as well as internet information. This will cut operational costs and improve control over vehicle activity.

Toruń’s public transport fleet will be tracked by means of GMV’s highly robust and dependable A30 onboard unit and the C10 console. The A30 onboard unit is a mobile GPS tracking appliance with GPRS/GSM/UMTS communications based on an internal modem. This will also allow monitoring of service performance against real-time planning.

The control center will be made up by servers in high-availability configuration together with entirely GMV-developed software acting as the real core of the whole system. The advanced algorithms of this software enable bus-stop ETAs to be calculated with only tiny margins of error.

The contract was recently signed in Toruń City Hall by Weronika Malek, GMV’s Country Manager in Poland and by Michał Zaleski and Zbigniew Fiderewicz, mayor and deputy mayor, respectively, of Toruń.

The 115 km2, 210,000-strong city of Toruń lies in the north of Poland on the banks of the Vistula River.

This contract represents yet another GMV client reference in Poland for fleet-management systems, to be added to the systems already up and running in Gdansk, Szczecin, Czechowice-Dziedzice, Lodz, Nowy Sacz, Tarnow and the Warsaw tramline. Taken together with the system set up in Bydgoszcz, this also spells GMV leadership in the region of Kujawsko-Pomorskie as far as passenger-information systems are concerned.

All these contracts make GMV an international benchmark in the transport area, coming on top of the intelligent transport systems being developed by GMV in Putrajaya (Malaysia) and Ahmedabad (India).

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