Lime’s integration with Google Maps expands to a further 80 cities

Lime’s bikes and scooters can now be found via Google Maps by users in almost 100 different cities worldwide, from London to Mexico City.

Lime bike users

Better connected mobility is set to be one of the hallmarks of 2019, and in line with that trend, micromobility provider Lime has announced that riders in more than 80 new cities around the world will be now be able to find a nearby bike or scooter in Google Maps.

Nearest Lime bike or scooter location in Google Maps

How the Lime options appear on the transit tab in Google Maps

Lime users have been able to find bikes and scooters in Google Maps since December 2018, when the company integrated its services into the transit option on Google’s app. Then, users in 13 cities could find bikes and scooters from the app, meaning the inclusion of more than another 80 locations marks significant progress in making the potentially congestion-busting services more accessible.

Users can also see estimated costs and arrival times next to each vehicle, which Lime says will help users to better gauge their transportation options.

The feature is available on both Android and iOS. To view nearby Limes, Google Maps users need to tap the transit icon when viewing directions to any nearby destination. Once ready to unlock the scooter, a tap on the Lime card will direct users either to their Lime app or the appropriate app store if it’s not already installed.

A complete list of cities is available from Google and Lime.