Arcontia wins tender for online smart card reload terminals to public transport authority Ruter AS in Norway

Posted: 4 May 2012 | ARCONTIA TECHNOLOGY AB | No comments yet

ARCONTIA TECHNOLOGY AB, has won an e-ticketing tender…

ARCONTIA TECHNOLOGY AB, a Swedish producer of contactless smart card readers and terminals, today announced that it has won an e-ticketing tender for pick-up devices to be used by Norwegian public transport authority Ruter AS in their e-ticketing system.

The contract includes compact ARC3300T5 smart card terminals from Arcontia for reloading Mifare DESFire travel cards via the new online national order database. To expand current distribution channels and increasing Internet sales, Ruter will be launching a complete online sales solution where travellers can top up the e-purse balance and add a travel product to their travel card via a web shop. When a travel card is presented to an Arcontia terminal, the order will be retrieved, activating the top-up to the card immediately.

ARC3300T5 terminals will be connected online with the national order database, securing fast and dependable order retrieval directly from the database to the card. For increased flexibility and accessibility, the terminals will be placed throughout the city of Oslo and Akershus County, encouraging the use of smart cards in public transport and improving the customer experience by making travelling more convenient.

The ARC3300T5 terminal is an interactive e-ticketing terminal that offers fast and convenient ticket validation and smart card reload. Designed with a fully integrated ISO/IEC 14443 A/B contactless smart card reader, ARC3300T5 supports a wide range of contactless standards within ticketing, including the entire MIFARE family. For enhanced passenger convenience, ARC3300T5 comes with a 5.7” TFT touch colour display, an audio buzzer, four physical buttons and four coloured LED lights, as well as an extensive software support package for easy and seamless integration with different e-ticketing applications.

“We are extremely pleased with winning this contract as it strengthens our position in providing Automated Fare Collection devices for the public transport industry. Winning this tender is further evidence of our continuing commitment to successful growth in the Nordic region,’ said Olaf Henrixon, COO at Arcontia Technology AB.

Ruter As is the public transport authority for the City of Oslo and Akershus County, and is responsible for managing public transport in the two counties, including the Oslo Metro, the Oslo Tramway, buses and ferries. The first rollout of ARC3300T5 terminals will start in August 2012.

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